About us

Teplice Observatory and Planetarium

is a contributory organization established by the Ústí Region, managed by the Department of Culture and Monument Care of the Regional Office of the Ústí Region in Ústí nad Labem. The main task of the organization is to popularize knowledge from astronomy and related scientific fields among the widest public. A very important component of the activity is cooperation with schools and the transmission of astronomical knowledge to children and young people. It allows the lay public to directly observe space bodies and objects. In addition, it also deals with research, which is mainly oriented towards the detection of satellites and space debris (in cooperation with the European Space Agency, ESA).

HaP employees


Headquarters and billing address

Hvězdárna a planetárium Teplice, příspěvková organizace

Koperníkova 3062, 415 01, Teplice

IČ: 00361224


planetarium Teplice (+420) 773 791 439

observatory Teplice  (+420) 773 791 438


objednavky@hapteplice.cz (orders for events and programs)

hap@hapteplice.cz (other requests)