The Teplice observatory on Písečný vrch serves all those interested in observing the sky. The observatory is regularly open to the public both for daytime observations, which focus mainly on the Sun and the phenomena occurring on it, and for evening observations of the Moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and other objects in space.

In addition to regular events, the observatory is also open during extraordinary events, such as solar and lunar eclipses, bright comets, or meteor showers. Sometimes the options are extended and you can also observe from the garden and from the roof terrace.

The observatory also hosts lectures on astronomy, physics and other natural and technical sciences. A spacious lecture hall is used for this.

During all events, you can also visit the observation deck on the roof of the observatory, view the exhibitions in the corridors of both domes and explore the interactive screens. An alternative program has been prepared for visitors in the event of an unfavorable weather.

For schools, kindergartens and for larger groups of visitors from among the general public, we also offer the possibility to order observations outside normal opening hours.

The observatory is located on Písečný vrch, which lies below Doubravská hora above the Prosetice district.

For the easiest access to the observatory, it is ideal to choose the public transport stop Panorama. Entry to the street leading to the observatory via motor vehicle is prohibited, so it is advisable to leave your vehicle in one of the nearby parking lots. You can also walk to the observatory through the forest park from the botanical garden along the green hiking trail.


Opening times:


Evening observation:

FRIDAY and SATURDAY evening from 20:00 and 21:00


Daytime observation:

SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00


Please request English tour in advance via email or phone:


(+420) 773 791 438


How to get here:

Písečný vrch 2517, Teplice 415 01
By bus 104 and 103: 
  • Bus stop Panorama and then via street Písečný vrch.
By bus 110:
By car: 
  • Parking U Panoramy and then via street Písečný vrch (in this street all motor vehicles are prohibited).



Písečný vrch 2517

415 01  Teplice


(+420) 773 791 438


objednavky@hapteplice.cz (orders of individual events and programs)

hap@hapteplice.cz (all other requests)