Professional research

One of the other activities of the Teplice Observatory and Planetarium, which is defined in its Charter, is professional activity. Although there are many areas that can be investigated in astronomy, our observatory has long been dedicated to observing the occultations of stars by asteroids. Previously unimagined possibilities have opened up in this area of research thanks to the great development of computer technology, the development of sensitive video cameras and the emergence of the GPS system. With a suitable arrangement of the group of observers and the use of the appropriate technique, the size and shape of the planets can be determined. Among other things, the advantage of this astronomical discipline is that even amateur astronomers can contribute to it to a large extent.

In 2015, we added to this activity the astrometry of small bodies of the Solar System (planets and comets), where we are able to refine the orbits of recently discovered such objects with our observations. We even managed to discover two new bodies.

In addition, since 2016, we have been participating in projects for ESA aimed at mapping and tracking space debris in Earth orbit.

In the second half of 2020, we launched a new specialist program dedicated to observing and plotting sunspots. Sunspots are a manifestation of the Sun’s activity, and their number and position on the Sun keeps changing over the course of the eleven-year solar cycle and as a result of the Sun’s rotation.